Sunday, July 28, 2013

Syria needs our help


You want to help but you don't know how... 

Here are some options, from UN orgs to religious-based charities to sources of information on how to rate charities and understand the situation in Syria from a humanitarian perspective. 

If you have a favorite that's not on here or a good experience to share about giving through a particular organization, please post it in the comments field. 

If the links don't work, copy and paste them into your browser. If they still don't work, please let me know that too!


Love, Light, & Peace,

UN Organizations

UNICEF - US Fund (United Nations Children's Fund — US Fund)

WFP (World Food Programme)

IOM (International Organization for Migration)

UNHCR - UN Refugee Agency

Religious-based organizations

Catholic Relief Services

Christian Aid

International Orthodox Christian Charities

Islamic Relief - USA

Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief

Palestinian Refugees (who had been in Syria and are displaced again)



Determining where to give
Charity Navigator can help you verify an organization's reliability or track record, e.g., on ANERA

To learn more about conditions in Syria:

Syria Deeply