Wednesday, February 20, 2013



Enought what?

Enough with men talking about women and calling them prostitutes, attacking their honor and dignity, thinking that as men they have a right to regulate what women wear or how women should behave, and that they should comment on all of it whenever they want.

The article above on a Moroccan Facebook group posting pictures of women (and the commentaries that followed) triggered my memories of growing up in Casablanca, surrounded by men much too comfortable uttering such sexist and insensitive remarks.

The sense of entitlement many men have to comment on women's bodies and appearance astounds me. And I remember my sister's pain and that of other women I care about in response to this backbiting and constant, negative evaluation, not to mention the harassment.

To the brothers, fathers, sons out there: Live your own life. Live your own life as morally as you can. Be an example to others, if you think you can be. But enough with these attacks and insults, this policing of others' gender expression and sexuality. How is it your business? (How is it anyone's business, whatever their gender?)

Another article I read sums up my attitudes on this:
Alleviating human suffering and bringing hope to the lost is [everyone's responsibility]. Loving people — loving them with every ounce of strength you’ve got, alleviating their suffering rather than exacerbating it, treating them with empathy and dignity and sensitivity and charity — is your obligation as members of the human race, a vocation you have no right to reject. When you’re an asshole, the echoes of your assholishness — and the lives destroyed in its wake — may be farther-reaching than you could ever imagine.
Real men don’t feel the need to put others down to advance their own self-interest. 
Real men don’t hurt others, even in good fun. 
Real men don’t mistake caddishness for humor. 
Real men appreciate real beauty that proceeds from the heart, demanding nothing more and settling for nothing less.
Real men take seriously their call to protect, preserve, and defend women. 
Real men think before they speak.
It's time for more men to think before they speak, not to put others down to feel better about themselves, and not to hurt others (even in fun). It's time for all human beings to do this.

I promise to do this in my own life.

Will you make a promise too?

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  1. Too right! 'Real' men are honorable. Sexist behavior is just cowardice


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